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Terms and Conditions of Hire 2020/21



  • Hirer – 281 Vintage Ltd (trading as hereby referred to as “the hirer”/ “us”/ “we”/ “our”.

  • Hiree – The person or business stated on the invoice as the client, hereby referred to as “the client”/ “you”/ “your”.


General Terms

  • “Hire items” means any equipment, furniture, props and associated equipment and packaging.

  • Hire prices do not include set up and pack down. This is an optional additional package.

  • Quoted prices are valid for 1 month. After one month it is down to our discretion to honour the previous quote or requote if prices have changed.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the quote and invoice is as per your requirements. If there are any errors or omissions, these will be amended on notification.

  • We reserve the right to replace hire items with a suitable replacement where there is unexpected unavailability.

  • We cannot be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any expense between you and the venue or any other party/individual/company on site with regards to the use or storage of our hire items.



  • The availability of goods to any given customer cannot be guaranteed until a booking is confirmed.

  • Booking is confirmed by cleared payment of the required 50% non-refundable booking fee which also indicates that you have read and agree with all terms and conditions. The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks before delivery. We will not deliver furniture until both the booking fee and full balance has cleared.

  • Payments should be made via BACS.

  • We take no responsibility for the change of availability of the goods during the time before cleared booking fee payment.


Hire Period

  • The hire period is three days, with the delivery typically the day before the event and collection the day after the event.

  • Any extension to the hire period must be agreed prior to your event (charges may apply).

  • When our representative delivers the goods to the agreed site / address, and until our representative collects them, the goods are the sole responsibility of the hirer.

  • We accept no responsibility for any damage or injury caused to any venue, property or person(s) during the hire period.

  • Goods should be stored in secure, dry conditions. Negligence can result in loss and damage for which relevant charges will apply.

  • If we are simply delivering and collecting from your venue, it is your responsibility to package up the items in their original packaging ahead of the agreed collection time. If packaging is not returned, a replacement cost will be charged.

  • We reserve the right to not leave goods with the hiree, if on delivery it is apparent the goods will not be kept safely or securely.

  • The hired goods and equipment remain the property of 281 Vintage Ltd (trading as at all times.

  • Items not made available for collection or not returned on time will incur a charge, calculated as a daily rate for the 5 days following the agreed return date. From the 6th day onwards the daily fee will be doubled.



  • A refundable damage and loss deposit will be included on the invoice for payment with the final balance and is calculated as per the table below.

Total Hire Amount             Damage and Loss Deposit Amount

£0-£100                               £50

£100-£500                           £100

£500-£1,000                        £150

£1,000+                               £200


  • If any damage occurs, beyond reasonable wear and tear, the cost of replacement or repair will be deducted from the refundable Damage and Loss Deposit.

  • Where the cost of replacement or repair exceeds the Damage and Loss Deposit an additional invoice will be raised for the balance and due by return.

  • Loss also includes, but is not limited to, other costs incurred such as loss of staff time through labour, waiting, cleaning etc, inconvenience to other customers as a result of the hirer’s failure to comply with the terms and conditions and agreed hire start end times and other relevant details.

  • This deposit will be returned to the hiree within 7 working days of the items being returned in a good, clean, undamaged condition.

  • It is not permitted to use candles on any of the hire items without the use of candle holders to protect the items from burn marks and wax residue/stains.

  • It is not permitted to use staples, nails, or any item that will mark, indent or damage any hire item. There must also not be anything attached to the hire items that could result in injury from sharp edges or points.


Health and Safety Information

  • Please take appropriate care when lifting, moving and using our stock.

  • Our furniture / items are antique and rustic. There might be nails, splinters and rusted metal on some items.

  • We cannot take responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages during the hire period.

  • Our hire items are original, vintage and therefore can contain flammable elements, it is your responsibility to use the items in a safe manner, such as keeping them away from heat sources where damage or even fire could occur.

  • When the client has opted for a delivery and collection only service, you are responsible for the set up and take down of the items including all Health and Safety considerations. For example some of our items may require two people to lift/move/set up, others may require the use of ladders.

  • Whilst regular checks are made on the hire items, these are vintage and used items, so all items are hired at your own risk.

  • If you are unsure of the suitability of any item for its intended use, please identify this before signing for the delivery.


Delivery and Collection

  • Our delivery charge is an additional cost and depends on the distance and location of the venue from our stores.

  • Locations and routes incurring extra tolls, charges and/or fees such as London can attract additional costs.

  • Deliveries/Collections are assumed to be between the hours of 1000 and 1600. Deliveries/Collections required outside these hours may incur additional fees.

  • Deliveries and Collections are assumed to have good access for a long wheelbase van and include a parking location without charges for the duration of the delivery /collection and set up (where set up package is ordered). It is assumed that the van can be positioned close to the load in doors and the hired items are to be delivered along a route free from steps and of no more than 15 metres from the parking location. Where any of these assumptions are not correct, it is the hirees responsibility to inform us in the planning stages and additional charges may apply.

  • Unless otherwise agreed and stated, delivery and collection will include:

    • Customers choice of an approximate time frame, as agreed beforehand.

    • Delivery to the street level/ground floor within reasonable access (up to 15 meters from nearest available parking point) or up to 15 metres in to a building on the ground floor. Please note this may be reduced due to narrow corridors and entry points, or if loading is hazardous.

    • Delivery to a single point where the goods may be held safely.

  • Delivery timings:

    • Delivery timings can be scheduled, but are not guaranteed, we will endeavour to be on site at the required time, but external factors including but not limited to traffic and weather may result in missed time slots.

    • It is the hirees responsibly to ensure there is enough time allowed between the scheduled delivery and the event start time to allow for such delays.

    • If is at fault for the missed time slot a refund up to, but not exceeding, the value of the delivery charges may be offered.

  • Upon our agreement items can be collected and returned by the client. Clients who collect or return goods themselves must use vehicles suitable for this purpose including means of securing the goods safely and must have suitable insurance. We reserve the right to refuse the release of hired goods to any customer without a suitable vehicle or suitable insurance. Once the goods are collected they become your responsibility until the point they are delivered back to us.

  • You must provide a representative to meet the team for the delivery and collection. This representative will be responsible for signing the delivery and collection notes. In the event of no such representative being available, our delivery and collection note will be deemed accurate and true.



  • If you, the client, cancels your booking, we will not, under any circumstances refund the 50% booking fee. However, in the event of a cancellation prior to the two weeks preceding the event, we will not pursue the remaining balance. Cancellations within the two weeks immediately preceding the event will not be eligible for any refund.

  • Any reduction of order value by the hiree of more than 15% of the original order will not be refunded.

  • We reserve the right to cancel at any time. If this happens any money paid by the client for the booking will be refunded. This would only occur in extreme circumstances and something we would avoid at all costs.


  • On occasions where weddings & events need to be postponed as a direct result of Government Covid-19 restrictions or their implications, the booking fee remains non-refundable, however we are happy to move the booking (subject to item availability) to a future date at no additional cost.

  • Whilst the pandemic is on-going, all hire items being returned will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before being hired out again. If this scenario isn’t possible, all items will be thoroughly sanitised in between hires.

  • When handling any hire items being prepared for delivery/collection, the team will ensure their hands are sanitised/ thoroughly washed with soap to avoid any cross-contamination.

  • Wherever possible, current Government guidelines will be adhered to during deliveries/collections, Prop Room visits or other meetings/consultations.  



  • We will require some personal contact information from you and this will be used as follows

    • To provide the delivery driver, who may be a sub-contractor, your contact details for the purposes of the delivery and/or collection.

    • To contact you for the purposes of executing the agreed contract for the supply of our goods and services to you.

    • We will not share your details with any third party, other than for the specific use of executing the agreed contract, such as the delivery driver above.


Product Specific Conditions

  • Garden Games should only be used outdoors in dry conditions. They must be placed indoors overnight. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given due to weather conditions that result in the games not being able to be used.

  • Our bunting should not be pinned/stapled or otherwise pierced during use - please tie only.

  • We are happy for you to use either stick chalk or chalk pens on any of our blackboard signage. The boards do not need to be cleaned before return/collection.

  • All food & drink debris must be removed from any items before re-packaging for collection.

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